Sylvester Stallone “The Expendables” Workout Interview (Video)

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The Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables” workout is the talk of many fans after seeing the new movie.  The new Sylvester Stallone film features plenty of explosive scenes, brutal knock-down-drag-out fights, and of course, the well known, muscular action stars on screen.  Many are seeing the new Lions Gate Films picture and wondering what exactly Sylvester Stallone did for “The Expendables” workout, and recently Sly gave details.

The Expendables Sylvester Stallone gives a fist pump to photographers outside a restaurant in downtown New York City, New York on August 19, 2010 Fame Pictures, Inc

In his recent interview with Muscle & Fitness magazine (October 2010 issue), Stallone talks about the concept of pain management for his training, due to his age being well over 40-years-old.  He describes his workouts to prepare for the movie as a combo of athletic and therapeutic.  The aging actor who is still in great shape says “as you get older – especially if you’ve been in the iron game for 35 years – you learn you can’t do what you used to  Now I need to get the optimum workout without putting the stress on my shoulders, knees and lower back, which would come back to haunt me.”

Stallone also says he wanted his latest character to be in great shape, but more about brains than brawn.  He says he trained his shoulders, traps, forearms and thights.  Particularly he focused on the forearms for pistol-wielding, which plays into the film quite a bit.  Sly did his workout four days a week with trainer Gunnar Peterson, with each of his workouts taking 60-70 minutes to do.  They included a variety of moves featuring barbells, kettlebell, and plyometrics training.  The goal was to make his character look powerful and athletic, but it wasn’t all working out.  Diet came into play as well.

As for diet, Sly said he went on a 5 days a week low-fat diet that was “pretty monotonous”.  He also said he’d cheat from Friday through Sunday afternoon eating “everything – quarts of ice cream and oatmeal cookies.”  The actor said he got repulsed from pigging out and was ready to go again Monday, getting rid of the new weight by the next day.  Impressive!

Not only is Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables” workout detailed in the October 2010 M&F interview, but so are several of his buff co-stars.  Former UFC star Randy Couture, former WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin as well as action star Dolph Lundgren are also detailed.

According to, “The Expendables” had an impressive weekend opening at the box office, bringing in $34,825,135 to take the top spot.  Other stars in addition to Stallone for this film are Jet Li and Jason Statham, who are physically fit as well.  It’s no secret that the majority of the actors in this film are in top peak condition and take care of their health, making them the perfect heroes and villains for an action-packed blockbuster!

The latest Muscle & Fitness featuring Sylvester Stallone and “The Expendables” workouts is on newsstands now.  Check out the intense workout of Stallone and his co-stars in the video clip below.

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