T.V. Carpio Takes Over for Natalie Mendoza in Spider-Man on Broadway

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Natalie Mendoza, who originally played Arachne in the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, decided to leave the show last week. Mendoza had suffered from a concussion and was still feeling the affects. Now T.V. Carpio has replaced her.

Who is Carpio?

Julie Taymor has worked with Carpio before in the film Across the Universe, and she knows the actress can sing. Taymor is excited to have her as part of the show: “She brings a unique talent and take on the role of Arachne and is already mesmerizing audiences in the few previews in which she’s performed.” According to producer Michael Cohl, “when she was covering the role, we kept seeing the crowd leap to its feet as she took her bow.”

T.V. Carpio was already a part of the show as one of the Greek chorus, Miss Arrow, and Alice Lee from Spring Awakening will be taking over that role for her when she makes her “official debut” as Arachne will take place tonight (January 4th). Hopefully, she lucks out and doesn’t sustain any injuries like other members of the cast have.

Are you going to go see T.V. Carpio as Arachne in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark?

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