Table and Wine Replace Piano on Miami Sandbar – Mystery Continues

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A table, a bottle of wine and more things mysteriously showed up on a Miami sandbar just a day after a baby grand piano was removed from it. Whoever the kooky File:Port wine.jpgpranksters are, they are having a lot of fun with local authorities. Besides the table and wine were a statue of a chef, place settings on the table which included flowers and also two chairs.

It would have looked like a romantic evening for two if not for the fact that everything was set upon a sandbar. Actually, this little sandbar has now become quite famous because of the baby grand piano which had to be rescued from it. An art student, Nicholas Harrington, 16, later admitted heÂ’d placed the piano on the sandbar as part of an art project but he did not say he was responsible for the latest additions to the same sandbar.

Miami officers are now worried that whoever followed in HarringtonÂ’s footsteps may prompt others to follow suit and turn the small sandbar into an official prank site where other things will be left. The officers are firmly stating that any such activity is illegal!

Although, one has to wonder what is next for the sandbar: first, a piano, next a table and wine then a bed? That sounds like the perfect date, doesnÂ’t it?


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