Tabloid Claims Russell Brand is Suicidal but Doesn’t Mention Katy Perry

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Russell Brand has been spotted around London since filing for divorce from Katy Perry just hours before the year changed from 2011 to 2012. And every tabloid in the world has been trying to make sense of this divorce news, including the details of why he decided to file the papers. And now a British tabloid has decided to run a headline that will surely grab the attention of most people. The headline reads that Russell is suicidal and heartbroken.

However, the article focuses more on Russell’s past with sex and drug addiction. This information has surfaced in the comedian’s first post-divorce interview, an interview where his estranged wife Katy Perry was not mentioned once. Instead, Brand talks about his charity trip to Africa. “I went there and got the agonizing futility of standing in those wastelands recounting a number for a telethon,” he shares.

“The actual feeling was that I should just give up on humanity – we might as well just hang ourselves if this sort of thing is happening at the same time as Paris Fashion Week.” Just because he talks about committed suicide in a figurative speech doesn’t mean he is suicidal and heartbroken over his divorce.

And sure, Russell Brand just filed for divorce from Katy Perry, meaning the blame naturally falls on Brand. He gave up, he filed the papers, and he was in London for Christmas instead of in Hawaii with Katy. But bringing up his past about sex and drug addiction, something that would surely cause people to feel depressed and be heartbroken and alone, shouldn’t be used as misleading information to highlight his divorce.

Russell should sue this tabloid.

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