Take That Mitches! Angry Much?

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Take that, Mitches! Yeah, this means exactly what you think it means and if you’re a sore loser then it will probably offend you. At least that seemed to be the case when Beyonce posted a meme displaying those words on her Tumblr page. Hey, she has every right to gloat — as does every single person who helped reelected President Barack Obama for another four years!

Conservative pundits have their collective undies in a wad over the meme, which is really nothing more than a silly note written (or typed) in blue ink. The Independent Journal Review seems convinced that the singer wrote the note herself before posting it — and they retracted their claws in what was nothing more than a series of catty remarks about the pop diva’s “political knowledge.”

“So eloquent in defeat those Hollywood types are. Karma, anyone?” — says Bert Atkinson Jr., in the blurb of an “article.”

Karma for what? Defeat? It seems like Atkinson is only displaying the sour grapes that comes with the bruises of defeat. And hey, that’s his right. But really, it only makes the note that Beyonce may or may not have written more amusing and true. So, take that Mitches!

All joking aside, the next four years need to be a bipartisan effort. Even though it’s a lot of fun to rag on those who are butthurt over the royal arse-whooping Romney just took in the election, it’s more important to move forward for a better United States.

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