Take Your Dog to Work Day is Friday

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Take Your Dog to Work Day is Friday, June 24. How many of you will bring your favorite pooch to the office? Before you pack your dog a doggie bag for lunch, it’s probably a good idea to check with your workplace to make sure they are okay with having dogs in the office – unless, of course, you work at the vet.

Pet Sitters International created this day in 1999 “to celebrate canine companionship and to demonstrate the loving bond pet owners have with their dogs.” Their hope was to encourage co-workers to adopt pets who have been orphaned.

Take Your Dog to Work Day has been an annual event. This Friday will be the 13th year that people bring their pets to the office.

The event also shows employers that it can be valuable to them to have pets around in the workplace. “Studies show that a pet presence boosts employee morale, productivity and even sales.”

Though it might be a bit difficult to convince employers the value a pet can bring to the work environment, employees certainly need no convincing.

According to a survey by the America Pet Product Association, “the majority of employees felt it led to a more creative environment, decreased absenteeism, improved productivity and helped co-workers get along better.”

So, will you take your dog to work this Friday?

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