Tale of Two Mother In Laws

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Well I suppose it is one mother and one mother in law, let me get on with it before this gets more confusing!

My daughter is 2 years 3 months (or there abouts).

She recently started counting to 13, recognizing some shapes and colors. I don’t have any other kids to compare this to, but I thought it was good.

I told my mum – “thats really good, she is clever, you should keep on reading to her and encourage it. If she gets bored she will become difficult”

So pleased, positive and encouraging. Yes I know as a grandma she may have been blowing smoke about her grandchild but she was positive.

My wife told her mum the same thing..

“I hope she isn’t going to become one of those smart children that we all hate”

My wife was a bit upset and gobsmacked.

It really shows the difference in mindset between 2 people. In the scheme of things it doesn’t really matter but it does make me understand how my wife and her siblings are so desperate for any attention from their mum.

Oh and maybe my daughter isn’t smart, but she is the world to me!


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