Talk of Taxes, Not Super Bowl, on President Obama’s Lips

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As the season turns to taxes, Pres. Obama took time during the Super Bowl to campaign for more tax revenue from Americans according to the Business Times, who reported Monday that the president says the government needs more money in order to get out of debt.

Yeah, so what else is new? Isn’t that what Republicans in Congress have been saying all along? Yes, but now Obama is saying more tax revenue is needed, so maybe the other half of the country will listen.

The president appears to be listening, and maybe even adopting his opposing party’s position given what else the BT reported. The news agency says that in the CBS Obama interview that the president is now agreeing with Republicans that the deficit has got to be addressed. And he thinks raising taxes would help, but he is willing to now consider the need for spending cuts. The only difference between him and Republicans on the matter is he wants “smart” spending cuts. Whatever that is.

Barack Obama meets his staff in Air Force One Conference RoomThe three things Obama mentioned—trimming government waste, reforming health care, and closing certain tax loopholes that were also proposed by the Republican’s in the House, but now they are being called “smart spending cuts” even by the president. So there’s hope that the government might actually start addressing these deficit-growing issues.

Based upon the ACO hospital video recently aired, however, it doesn’t look like the health care reform the Republicans were aiming for is the same one the president plans to keep on making. This video shows that some hospitals believe that the Affordable Care Act really means act like you care and pocket the money instead.

The doctors in the video even show themselves passing the money around. America will never get out of debt that way; it’s just moving money from one place to another, allowing abuses to continue, and no patient appears to be benefiting. In fact, they mock how the door will be closed to the patients trying to get back inside the medical facility. So raising the tax on any income group in America would definitely be dumb to support this kind of “health care reform.” But have faith. If Pres. Obama can suddenly start supporting spending cuts after refusing to for the past four years, then maybe he will try to pass off the Republican’s ideas about better health care reform as his own too. Miracles do happen. One just has to let the right politician claim credit for them.

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