Tallulah Willis Nude Photos: Coming Soon?

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Tallulah Willis is reportedly about to become the latest celebrity to be caught up in a nude photo scandal. The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis just turned 18 this February, and already, she has engaged in some very adult behavior.

According to Radar Online, four pictures of Tallulah are being shopped around to different media outlets. The photos show Tallulah fully topless, posing for the camera and smoking what appears to be a joint.

This isn’t the first time Tallulah is receiving negative press. Just last year, Tallulah was cited for underage drinking in Hollywood.

Tallulah isn’t the only Willis kid with a wild streak. Rumor Willis was one of four people found in a hotel room in Maryland where marijuana was found and Scout Willis is currently involved in some drama of her own.

Scout was arrested last month for underage drinking and using a fake ID while in New York City. She was arrested and booked for criminal impersonation and open container. Scout is due in court at the end of this month to handle the case. Earlier this year, Scout took to her Twitter and ranted about how much she hated her parents and how she tried the drug MDMA.

Hopefully, Bruce and Demi will hook Tallulah Willis up with a great legal team that can but a stop to these photos hitting the web.

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