Tameria Greene: From Abused to Murdered While Authorities Stood Back

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Tameria Greene was murdered Sunday in Detroit. The person accused of stabbing the 8-year-old girl once in the chest is her mother, Semeria, who is facing a murder charge. While just the fact that this mother stabbed her own child is enough to make anyone’s blood boil, there is more.

Semeria has a history of alleged child abuse. She was set to go to trial this month for an endangerment charge. Now, here is where things get interesting. The Department of Human Services claims workers sought to remove this little girl from her mother’s care, but the courts are claiming otherwise.

DHS vs. Courts

Maura Corrigan, DHS Director, claims that after a family team meeting on November 15, the agency tried to file for an emergency order on the basis of bite marks on Tameria’s face and arms that were allegedly inflicted upon her by her mother. Corrigan claims they were unable to do so because the courts were closed. Seriously? People get their children taken from them around the clock! If a child is in danger, the court being closed shouldn’t stop that child from getting the help needed to get to safety.

The following day, a worker attempted to file paperwork again, according to Corrigan, but was unable to do so because of apparent errors in the paperwork. She says the court refused to accept the petition. Doesn’t it sound like she is trying to pass the blame? CPS workers should know how to properly fill out these forms. If they don’t know how to fill them out, they need to be relieved of their duties.

A Hearing on November 23

On November 23, a Child Protective Services worker was told by Referee Richard Smart of the Juvenile Court that if DHS thought Semeria’s five children were in danger, they could file for an emergency order to remove the children from Semeria’s care. He suggested placing the children with family. If the workers had listened, would this little girl still be laughing and playing with her siblings?

In that meeting, CPS worker Rosalyn Green acknowledged that Tameria needed to be removed and that if no relatives were available to Tameria, she needed to go into foster care. So, the worker knows she needs to be removed and Smart tells her to file for an emergency order if she feels the children are in danger, but no order is requested. Someone dropped the ball and it likely cost this little girl her life.

A Hearing on November 28

On November 28, CPS went before Referee Leslie Graves about this same family. Graves instructed CPS to make a safety assessment and proceed from there. Obviously, that didn’t happen, as Tameria was murdered on December 30. Had CPS and the court worked together for the good of this child, she might have been in a safe place on that fateful morning.

A History of Problems

The Detroit Free Press notes that in 2007, Tameria and one of her younger brothers was placed in her aunt’s guardianship. They were returned to their mother, the now-accused murderer, in 2008. This story just keeps getting a little more horrible as you go through the history, doesn’t it? This poor child seemed to have lived through a lot of suffering and difficulty during her very short life.

Semeria Greene now faces a murder charge for allegedly killing her own flesh and blood, as well as child abuse charges. She also faces other charges, including malicious destruction of property and disorderly person, for an unrelated incident.

Action Finally Taken

Fortunately, Greene’s four surviving children, all boys, are now in foster care. Greene’s family members claim they will seek custody of the four boys. It is too bad that all of this happened as a result of Tameria Greene being murdered instead of happening when CPS and the court could have protected all five children.

Rest in peace, precious Tameria!


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