Tamra Barney Attacks Star Magazine After Hateful Comments

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Tamra Barney and several other Real Housewives stars including Ramona Singer and Kim Zolciak were recently targetted by Star Magazine in special bikini bodies spread. The magazine pointed out every “flaw” of each ‘wife in an extremely distasteful manner and even refered to Tamra as “Cottage Cheeks,” claiming she has “a dimpled tush and thighs.” It was shocking to everyone and once Tamra got word of it, she had plenty to say to the mag.

Tamra first took to Facebook and wrote a message to Star which read, “You are the reason woman feel horrible about themselves, low self esteem and have eating disorders. your recent article is juvenile and you make me sick! To take a three year old unflattering picture and post it in your current issue makes you look stupid (do your homework)! To make fun of the way a woman looks…… just makes you an a**hole!” Tamra is right, this whole spread was offensive to so many, and why? What point does this make? It’s bullying and it is wrong. Good for Tamra for standing up for women everywhere.

The photograph of Tamra that they used was very old and since it was taken, she has dropped more than a few pounds and even had her implants removed. However, the weight isn’t the only thing that matters to Tamra and she wants her fans to know, “STRONG is the new SKINNY!” This is the message that should be sent to readers of magazines and viewers of reality TV—not that any imperfection is unacceptable.

In addition to that, Tamra took it upon herself to remind the uneducated Star Magazine that she’s come along way in the last few years by posting a hot photo of her and her fiance, Eddie Judge, to Twitter. If that doesn’t prove her point, what will? She and Eddie looks super hot, and her body looks phenomenal.

Eddie Judge and Tamra Barney topless photo celebrating their engagement and upcoming wedding

Tamra Barney will return in the eighth season of Real Housewives of Orange County some time next year.

Photo Credit: Tamra Barney’s Twitter

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