Tamra Barney Dishes on New Friends, Apologizing to Alexis, and Vicki!

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Tamra Barney has had plenty of ups and downs this season of Real Housewives of Orange County—but mostly ups! She has made two new friends who she absolutely adores and although she said goodbye to a friendship with Vicki, the recently engaged star is not letting that bring her down.

Speaking of those ‘ups,’ Tamra has developed lasting friendships with both Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow, this season’s newest housewife. In her Bravo blog, she gushes about her new friends, saying, “Gretchen has tuned out to the best friend any girl could ask for. We talk all the time and text almost every day. Heather is amazing in every sense of the word. I am lucky to have both of them in my life.”

Tamra and Alexis Bellino have never been friends and this season, things went to another level between them in Costa Rica and during their one-on-one lunch date. “I feel bad about the snarky comments I made all season to Alexis. I am a bit of a smart ass, and, let’s face it, she gives me good material.” Tamra couldn’t be more right about that. For example, earlier in the season, Alexis said that Costa Rica was in Mexico—and she was serious. Tamra adds, “Alexis is not a mean hearted person and it hurts me that my comments hurt her.” Tamra reached out to Alexis after the reunion, but to no avail. She hopes that one day they can “be okay with each other.”

Now to Vicki, Tamra has become frustrated with her constantly blaming everyone else for problems she has. “It’s always someone else’s fault in her eyes. She takes responsibility for nothing and finds someone else to blame.”

Regardless of what Vicki is saying, Tamra maintains that she never turned on her and has always been a good friend. She also points out that what Vicki is accusing her of, she has done herself. “I sat there many times when she went off on my ex-husband and I sat there like a child and let them both fight over what was best for me. I never challenged her for getting in between my marriage and definitely NEVER screamed at her for the nasty things she said to Simon.” The way Tamra handled Vicki’s thought on her marriage is far different than how Vicki has handled Tamra’s opinions of Brooks. Tamra is totally right and fans will remember seeing exactly what she has pointed out on previous seasons of the show.

Tamra Barney and the rest of the cast is back on Monday night for part two of the Real Housewives of Orange County season 7 reunion special.

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