Tamra Barney Is Not Selling ‘Jesus Jugs’ Wine Glasses!

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Tamra Barney is speaking out against an odd internet rumor. In a recent interview, Alexis Bellino claimed that Tamra took her “Jesus Jugs” comment to a whole other level by selling wine glasses with the catch phrase on them. However, Tamra says that this is false!

“I’m not selling JJ glasses. someone else is, I just posted it cuz I thought it was funny how fast people move,” she explained. “However, I am working on my own wine glass line with another company! xoxo”

When a fan commented that Tamra was lucky Alexis was a good sport or she’d be facing a law suit, Tamra replied, “bahaha . we have tight contracts against that stuff!” In other words, regardless of how Alexis feels about the nickname, Tamra can legally plaster the funny phrase all over the place, if she’d like.

One thing Alexis Bellino does approve of is being called “Jesus Barbie.” In fact, Tamra also revealed that Alexis has some plans of some merchandise of her own. “She said she was coming out with a lip gloss called Jesus Barbie.” That may be true — unless someone else claims it first!

Tune in to see more of Tamra Barney on Monday night’s Real Housewives of Orange County part 2.

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