Tamra Barney Says Alexis Attacked Vicki in the Same Manner as Costa Rica Intervention

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Tamra Barney was shocked to learn where the women stood in the intervention in Costa Rica for the phony Alexis Bellino. While Gretchen was heartbroken to learn that Alexis would talk to Vicki and not her, Tamra thought it was an interesting dynamic between Vicki and Alexis. For one, she thought it was a bit hypocritical for Alexis to attack the other women for confronting her, considering a similar thing happened in San Francisco where they all ganged up on Vicki to let her know how they felt.

“If I remember correctly. Alexis did the same thing to Vicki in SF 3 years ago that was done to her in Costa Rica,” Tamra tweeted while watching Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County after the women had filmed the reunion for the season. “I really love how Vicki told alexis ” that her own friend Tamra ganged up on her in San Fran” that was Alexis that did that to you,” she continues. It sounds like the relationship between Vicki and Tamra Barney has hit the rocks, since they can’t be honest about what happened during fights.

And one fan agrees with Tamra, as she pointed out how Tamra was just keeping it real with all the women, friends or not. “I said the same thing everyone else did. I was just wrong to raise my voice,” Tamra confirmed. It sounds like Tamra may be hurting friends by keeping it real, but at least she is being honest. It sounds like some of the other women aren’t being honest with their cast members.

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