Tamra Barney’s Nude Nip Slip in Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County” Promo!

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Tamra BarneyÂ’s nude nip slip during the season 6 promo for Real Housewives of Orange County has steamed up the Internet! Which means Bravo is the latest TV network to suffer Bravo Logoand embarrassing oops. Sure the promo for an upcoming episode was meant to be sultry but it went from PG to R!

The promo showed Tamra in a bathtub surrounded by candles with a man. Unfortunately, the water and bubbles werenÂ’t high enough to cover up the buxom blondeÂ’s breast all the way. ThereÂ’s no doubt Barney and her friend had a lovely bath together. See the video via Egotastic!

Anyhow, what in the world was BravoÂ’s editing team doing while they previewed this clip? How is it possible that they didnÂ’t catch Tamra Barney topless nip slip? Oh well, too little, too late now. ItÂ’s not like Bravo can go back in time to change the promo. Plus, any publicity is good publicity when it comes to reality TV and yes, Real Housewives of Orange CountyÂ’s season 6 looks like it will be a great season.

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