‘Tanning Mom’ Inspires Tanorexic Action Figure

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The now infamous “tanning mom” from New Jersey has inspired a Tanorexic action figure, which was created after she made headlines for possibly taking her six-year-old daughter tanning.

'Tanning Mom' Inspires Tanorexic Action FigurePatricia Krentcil pleaded not guilty to child endangerment, and she said her daughter, who had sunburns, stayed in the waiting room the entire time she tanned.

HeroBuilders.com created the Tanorexic action figure in the likeness of the so-called “tanning mom.” Anybody who has been watching the news over the past couple of weeks should be able to see the doll’s likeness to Krentcil. The woman obviously tans too much, and perhaps all the national attention she has recently received will be a wakeup call for her because all this tanning cannot be good for her health.

Amazingly, the Tanorexic doll will set buyers back $30. Do you think anybody will buy this doll? Would you buy it? It seems like a lot of money, but it is certainly iconic of these past few weeks in the news. One thing is certain, this mother is not a hero.

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