Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil Banned From Area Tanning Salons

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Patricia Krentcil, the mom who tanned her skin into leather and then tried to tan her five-year-old daughter too, is getting banned from most tanning salons in the Nutley, New Jersey area. That’s partly because the mother’s charged with child endangerment because of the tanning snafu. It’s also partly due to a scathing Saturday Night Live skit which parodied her story.

It seems the tanning salons in Patricia’s living area don’t want to become part of that story. That’s because of the negative feedback the tanning mom is battling. The last thing these businesses want is any connection to her.

However, it’s already too late for the salon where Patricia took her child. City Tropics Tanning could already be in hot water, although there’s no charges against them so far. Nonetheless, their possible liability is why other tanning salons are distancing themselves from anything to do with Krentcil.

One such business, Planet Sun Tanning Salon, has gone so far as to post pictures of the tanning mom around their eight local shops. That’s to help employees avoid giving her entrance.

Other tanning businesses are quickly following suit. So far, Bodies in Heat, Body Works Salon and Sunset Tans have joined the cause. They’re instituting a strict, no-tan policy for Patricia.

Because of the child endangerment claim, the New Jersey Department of Health is getting in on the situation. If Patricia’s charges stand, City Tropics Tanning could be held equally liable. They didn’t stop the tanning mom from exposing her child to the tanning booth.

That raises some interesting questions that moms across America are beginning to ask. Do tanning salons have an age limit for their customers? If not, why not, given that children could be seriously injured during the tanning process.

Do tanning salons have a tanning limit within a certain time period? If they don’t, should they? While it’s true that an individual could get around that limit by alternating tanning salons, most sane people wouldn’t try to.

Finally, do salons ever turn overly tanned customers away? It they don’t, should there? It’s easy to spot Krentcil as a tanning addict. No reputable business should allow her anywhere near a tanning bed. Yet, obviously one or more of them did.

It’s time for a thorough federal investigation of tanning salon practices with regard to health and safety. Clearly, something just isn’t working.

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