‘Tanorexia’ to Blame in Tanning Mom’s Arrest?

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Could the New Jersey mom who got arrested for sneaking her daughter into a tanning salon suffer from ‘tanorexia’? Her skin certainly looks like she has a problem.

Tanorexia to Blame in Tanning Mom's Arrest?Patricia Krentcil is the tanning mom who was arrested after her five-year-old daughter Anna had a rash on her skin. Anna claims she got the rash when she went tanning with her mother. If Krentcil is convicted, she could face as many as ten years in prison.

The so-called tanning mom tans each month at City Tropics where she pays about $100 a month for unlimited tanning. While the mom denies that she took her daughter with her, the national attention the case has brought has sparked fears that she may suffer from ‘tanorexia,’ which is an addiction to tanning.

Have you seen the videos and pictures of Patricia Krentcil? She is one of the tannest women that many people have ever seen, and it certainly does seem as if she may have a mental health issue that has kept her tanning so much. At the very least, she likely has skin health issues as a result of her excessive bronzing.

According to dermatologist Doris Day, “When you look at this, this is somebody who has a problem who most likely has a condition called ‘tanerexia,’ where they just don’t realize just how much color they have. She’s at higher risk for skin cancer, and it also doesn’t send the right message to her child.”

If the tanning mom is truly innocent of taking her daughter inside the booth, then hopefully she will be cleared of these charges. Even if she is cleared, perhaps this national attention will help her realize how much damage she is doing to her health with her excessive color.

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