Tanya Douglas, Jake’s First Girlfriend, Says She’s not Lying.

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Remember back in high school when someone said, that someone else said, that somebody said, and so on?  Well this situation between Jake Pavelka, Tanya Douglas, and Vienna Giraldi, is one of those but now, we’ve added a fourth party to the mix.

Tanya Douglas swears that she has proof she’s not lying about Jake Pavelka cheating on Vienna Giraldi right after, and even before “The Bachelor”show when according to Tanya Douglas, Jake Pavelka cheated on Vienna. 

Okay, do you follow me so far? Step in Kayla, the sister of Vienna Giraldi who says that Tanya Douglas is lying. 

Tanya told Radar Online after being challenged by Kayla:

“’I have proof of any and all interactions throughout our relationship. I have something from every time we were together,’ Tanya told RadarOnline.com.”

Douglas have proof that Jake cheated on Vienna, and if so how serious do we take it?  If Tanya Douglas only dated Jake for five months, and if Jake doesn’t go through with his marriage to Vienna will any girl ever take him seriously again.  Whew! What a mess.

Do you have all that?

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