Tape of Robyn Gardner Hours Before She Disappeared Emerges (Video)

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A surveillance tape of missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner in the hours before she disappeared has emerged. Before she and travel companion Gary Giordano–the only suspect in the case–went to the beach on the evening of August 2nd, they had dinner at beachfront eatery Rum Reef Bar & Grill. There, witnesses said she was far too dressed up and made up for Giordano’s story that they went snorkeling after dinner to make sense. Gardner, 35, and Giordano are seen carrying blue plastic cups that witnesses claim contained vodka and orange juice, begging the question as to whether Giordano slipped something in Gardner’s drink to make it easier to overpower her later. The other details of the video don’t illuminate much, other than the fact that the couple seem extremely calm. There is nothing in the video to indicate that Robyn Gardner would disappear within a matter of hours.

The couple are last seen together on the tape at 4:13 p.m., and Gary Giordano reappears alone, in swim trunks and sneakers, at 6:16 p.m. He begins knocking on doors at the restaurant. He claims he was seeking help immediately after losing sight of Gardner. He also claims that he believes she drowned. Many have commented on the extremely unusual calmness of the water, and one eyewitness at the beach, the last to see them together, stated that they never even went in the water. On September 7th, Giordano lost his appeal to be released from detention; a panel of three judges decided that he will stay behind bars, where he undergoes heavy interrogation daily, for the remainder of the 60-day detention that was ordered for him on August 31st. He recently hired Jose Baez, the lead defense attorney in the high-profile Casey Anthony trial, in case he is charged with the murder of Robyn Gardner.

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