TAPS Visits Upstate NY to Investigate Famed Beardslee Castle

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Big news for central New York residents! TAPS has finally made their stop to Beardslee Castle to investigate the well-known hauntings that have occurred there through the years.

Those that are aware, know that this author has a long-time history of visiting the castle each December. As a child this write grew up hearing the tales of hauntings there. Since that time it’s been on television shows such as the Haunted NY episode of Haunted History.

Now, it’s TAPS’ turn. The investigation has already wrapped up months ago and it took three nights to complete. The results and show will be shown at the castle – in the famed dungeon bar area, however if you are unable to make it to the showing, you can catch it on Scy-Fy sometime next month. The current air date is November third.

The show was voted one of three finalists in the ghosthunter’s 2008 “Great American Ghost Hunt,” looking for America’s favorite haunted location. Unfortunately, a private residence won the final vote, but the TAPS team vowed to come out to Beardslee in the future.

For those that might be wondering, yes, we have felt things while there and have some odd photos (not as many as you’d think going there yearly, though) We aren’t sure what we felt or captured if it’s ghostly, dust or what, but we do believe the place is truly haunted.

In the meantime you can acquaint yourself with the castle and the ghost stories on their website. If you’d like to see more personal photos of the castle and the grounds surrounding it, click here. Happy haunting!

Photo credit: Author’s personal photograph.


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