Tastes like beef and leaner than chicken!

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OK, we know the most environmentally sustainable form of eating is vegetarianism. But in our highly omnivorous society, is it really realistic to expect everyone to give up meat entirely? Not likely. So if you feel the need to indulge, choose free range buffalo (also known as bison.)  Why buffalo? Buffalo evolved on the Great Plains where most of our cattle are raised so they are anatomically designed to thrive there which means much less impact on the ecosystem. They need less water and thrive on native vegetation without the supplemental feed required in most cattle operations. Their powerful neck muscles even act as built in snow plows allowing them to get to grass in the winter. Weather has caused over 10,000 cattle deaths this year alone in the U.S. whereas buffalo have survived harsh western winters for millennia. The best part? Buffalo meat is delicious (indistinguishable from beef to many) and very healthy with more protein then beef and less fat and cholesterol than skinless chicken. Also, buffalo is never subjected to growth hormones or stimulants (see nutritional info at http://www.montanabuffalo.com/health.html) We all want to eat healthy and reduce our environmental footprint. Our advice:

  1. reduce your meat consumption
  2. choose free range buffalo instead of beef

 Why we like it: How often does the stuff that is good for you taste as good as or better than the unhealthy stuff? Enough said. 

How it helps the environment:Much less ecological damage than cattle. In fact, in some cases free range buffalo have been shown to actually increase biodiversity in their habitat (http://www.wildideabuffalo.com/index.html.)  

Where to get it: select Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Safeway, Krogers, Albertsons and King Soopers or online at wildideabuffalo.com or http://www.montanabuffalo.com/

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