Tattoo Assault Sends Four To Jail

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Four people have been jailed over an assault branded the ‘tattoo assault’ in Oklahoma, USA.

Zachery Provence, Lorena Hodges, Kimberely Vergara and Richard Dellert admitted to kidnapping an 18-year-old man and assaulting him.

After kidnapping him, they tattooed ‘Rapest’ across his forehead, shocked him with a stun gun and violently attacked him until he became unconscious. They also tattooed a phrase which is believed to read ‘I like little boys’ across his chest, according to Yahoo News.


The defendants allegedly claimed that they were ‘punishing’ the victim after he tried to have sex with one of the women.

Three of the defendants pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, while the fourth pleaded no contest – a plea which is much the same as pleading guilty, but does not involve admitting guilt.

Zachery Provence and Richard Dellert were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and 10 years probation, which Lorena Hodges and Kimberely Vergara were sentenced to 5 years in jail and 5 years probation.

The victim has since turned the misspelled tattoo into a barcode, and his family say he is working to get the tattoo completely removed with the help of a private clinic.

The violence of the attack became apparent as the victim described the attack, saying the men violently beat him while the women repeatedly stunned his genitals with a stun gun. He was then transported in a car, and beaten with a baseball bat.

When the victim woke up, he managed to walk to a nearby mobile home park, where residents called the police. The victim was taken to hospital, where he spent a week, with three days in intensive care. He suffered from a broken nose, a fractured skull and other injuries.

The victim’s family reportedly believe that the sentencing was fair, acknowledging that chasing a longer sentence would require the victim to face his attackers in court, which he did not want to do.

The attack was one which shocked the community – the level of violence shown, especially in the tattoos, made the attack one which seemed to shake the community for a while. The media quickly branded the assault ‘the tattoo assault’, and it is thought that many people gathered to hear the defendants being sentenced.

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