Taylor Armstrong Makes Insensitive Comment About Russell Armstrong’s Death

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Taylor Armstrong made what will likely be perceived as a rather insensitive comment about her late husband Russell Armstrong. She said their daughter Kennedy has seemed “more joyful” since her father took his life.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star likely didn’t mean for her claim to sound so crass, but it didn’t come across in the kindest of ways.

Taylor Armstrong - Beverly Hills, CAWhat Taylor means was that since Russell’s death, Kennedy hasn’t been exposed to the stress she was around when Russell was alive.

“She’s more open and joyful since his death. She’s more outgoing than she was during his lifetime. She was feeling my anxiety,” Taylor says.

Taylor Armstrong plans to tell Kennedy about the positive things in her father’s life and not concentrate on the negative, like his incredible debt or possible shady business deals.

In the meantime she should probably be cautious about how she words her feelings about her late husband with regard to their daughter. Not only could her remarks be misconstrued, they could also be hurtful to those who were close to Russell Armstrong.

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