Taylor Armstrong–Russell Armstrong’s Suicide Fueled by Debt

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Taylor Armstrong of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills says she’s learned that her estranged husband Russell Armstrong’s suicide was probably fueled by considerable debt.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Taylor has shared with several of her friends that Russell Armstrong had accrued some significant debt, and he owed that money to one “private individual.”

“Russell couldn’t repay the loan. Taylor believes the debt is at least $250,000, but it could be significantly more,” a source close to both Russell and Taylor Armstrong says.

“Russell expressed his concerns to Taylor about his financial woes in the days before his suicide. She had no idea how big the debt was when Russell discussed it with her. It’s now obvious to Taylor that Russell felt he had no other way out.”

Alan Schram, a close friend and business associate of Russell Armstrong, took his own life just a day after Russell’s suicide. Taylor Armstrong has learned that Schram owed the same individual roughly the same amount of money that Russell Armstrong owed.

Was the person to whom Russell Armstrong and Alan Schram owed this money perhaps threatening both men–or was it simply the overwhelmingly desperate financial situation that drove each mTaylor Armstrongan to commit suicide?

Money is certainly far less valuable than human life, and it is incredibly sad that two men are dead by their own hands–possibly because of owing money. Things weren’t good between Russell and Taylor Armstrong and they were headed toward divorcing–but Taylor didn’t want him dead. She also didn’t want her little girl, Kennedy, growing up without a father.

While it sounds like there are now some answers in this horrific tragedy, it also sounds like more questions need answering as well. It will be interesting to learn if the name of the “private individual” from whom Russell Armstrong and Alan Schram borrowed money is released, and what details, if any, might be divulged about the person.

In the meantime, Taylor Armstrong is still working hard to put the pieces of her life–which were in financial shambles prior to Russell’s death–back together, and to make a decent life for her daughter and herself.

What do you think about these recent findings in the Russell Armstrong suicide case?

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