Taylor Armstrong Talks About Finding Happiness in Herself

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Taylor Armstrong is still trying to move on after tragically losing her husband, Russell, to suicide in August of last year. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is now raising her and Russell’s daughter, Kennedy, on her own while juggling filming of the show with promoting her new book.

Many worried that her drinking was becoming a coping mechanizm, but Armstrong is focused on doing what is best for her daughter, and finding happiness within herself.

“Figuring out how to be happy on my own is something that I’ve never done until now. And finding that has been a pretty powerful lesson for me,” Armstrong explains to Hollywood Life. “I was going through journals and past relationships and I realized how much power I gave away and how I didn’t have a good sense of self-value.”

The husband Taylor Armstrong lost had abused her for years, and as a victim of domestic abuse, her self-value had long been an issue. It has been a long hard road for Armstrong but she has taken leaps and bounds when it comes to finding health and happiness — and it has only been one year.

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