Taylor Lautner Ditched ‘Twilight’s’ Jacob for ‘Abduction’

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Taylor Lautner is said to have ditched Twilight’s Jacob Black to star in Abduction. Is he being disloyal to the Twilight series? Does he think that his role in Abduction is more valuable to his acting career than playing Jacob was?

According to Hollywood Life, that’s not the case at all. In fact, it was simply a matter of getting into his Abduction character Nathan, who is completely different from the role of Jacob. And since Taylor filmed Abduction between the other Twilight films and Breaking Dawn–he had to work extra hard to ditch Jacob–temporarily, that is.

Do you think it’s difficult for actors who have played recurring roles like Taylor Lautner in the Twilight films to be disassociated from those roles in real life? For example, is it hard for a director or casting agent to view him as someone other than Jacob Black, because he’s so widely known for playing that role? Here’s what Taylor has to say about it.

“He is very different from Jacob,” he says of his character Nathan. “It is totally different than anything that I have played before, he is a rebel that matures a lot throughout the movie and it definitely changed me a lot as an actor.”

Clearly Taylor Lautner is incredibly good at ditching Jacob to play Nathan in Abduction. The early reviews for the film say he is pretty amazing in the role.

So what’s in store for Taylor Lautner now that filming for the Twilight series has ended and Abduction is in theaters?

“There are a few things floating around right now that I am very excited about, its a little too early to tell, but I can definitely say that I will be challenging myself into something new!” he says.

And his fans will no doubt be eagerly awaiting word of exactly what those things that are “floating around” may be. Taylor Lautner has made his mark on the film industry–and he won’t likely be going away any time soon.

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