Taylor Lautner dressed to impress at ‘Breaking Dawn’ premiere

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Taylor Lautner looked all grown up attending the 2011 premiere of the Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part 1. His tailored blue suit and skinny plum red tie made the star look the part of a fine young man while he posed for pictures while walking the red carpet.

His movie star good looks were enhanced by his classic wardrobe choice, making him look both older and wiser as one of the up and coming hot male celebrities. That’s a good thing right now because he is (chronologically) transitioning from being one of the hottest teen star celebs to adulthood. How he carries himself now at these movie premieres and promotional events will help him land more adult parts in future Hollywood films.

Celebuzz noted the hot young actor impressed his fans with his fashionable look. They shared news about the celebrity sighting, saying, “T-Laut was dressed to impress Monday night for the Breaking Dawn premiere in Los Angeles. Sporting a tailored blue suit and red tie, Taylor looked quite dapper [as] he made his way down the red carpet.”

Check out his hot pics here: Taylor Lautner at Premier of Breaking Dawn.

They also noted that while he was there making his special guest appearance on the red carpet that (as always) he was polite and mannerly toward fans.

“Like many of his co-stars, Taylor took time out to greet fans and sign autographs. Completing the Twilight trinity, Lautner posed with fellow actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for on-looking paparazzi.”

What was nice about him dressing up for what could have otherwise been a casual event is that he is a fashion role model for young men. He did not show up looking sloppy or with his pants hanging down to his knees in the back. His wardrobe choice showed he respected the fans as well as himself enough to play the part of a clean-cut teen, making virtue look far better than vice in the eyes of parents and teens.

His wardrobe choices and demeanor also embody an element of a modern Prince Charming, setting trends being raised as a metro-sexual man.

Namely, he’s a nice, well-groomed, and respectful young man who is polite to strangers and a charming person. He’s trend setting without being trendy. He’s also well esteemed in the eyes of family and friends.

That makes Taylor Lautner a role model in the eyes of young women as well.

His trendy retro look reminded older adults of actor Carey Grant.

So, while Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart has become a role model for young women as a famous humanitarian (rather than as a fashion plate), he’s becoming the new dream date—like an anatomically correct, new and improved shirtless Ken doll any good Barbie would be proud to bring home to meet her parents.

What do you think about Taylor Lautner, Team Jacob fans? Does dressing to impress make you like him more or less? Let other readers know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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