Taylor Lautner Has One Big ‘Twilight’ Regret

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Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black in the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 2, says he has one regret from all his years acting in the Twilight series. What do you suppose that regret might be?

According to a report from Zimbio, some might expect he regrets not getting the girl. Early on in the Twilight series Jacob Black desperately wanted Bella Swan for his very own but lost her to Edward Cullen. That’s not the regret Lautner’s talking about now, however.Taylor Lautner

So what has the handsome actor looking back over the past few years and shaking his head? It’s really kind of funny, and it has to do with a wig.

“They offered me the wig, and I did turn it down. But I am definitely wishing now I would’ve taken it,” he says about the wig his character wore in the Twilight films.

“It’s my one regret,” he says.

What on earth would Taylor do with that wig if he still had it? Surely he wouldn’t ever put it on and leave the house, would he? He is so much more handsome with his short-cropped hairstyle, don’t you think?

You can check out a shot of Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black wearing his long wig by clicking on the Zimbio link above. What do you think? Do you prefer Taylor with long hair or shorter hair? And would you have ever guessed that his one regret involved not taking that wig or would you have expected it to be something much different?

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