Taylor Lautner “Nearly Steals” Twilight: Eclipse According to The Hollywood Reporter (VIDEO)

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Twilight: Eclipse is getting rave reviews from every quarter because as usual, third time lucky rules the franchise. All the elements come together this time around with very satisfying professionalism showing through in every aspect.

The love story is more believable, the action is more intense and the acting is great. But not necessarily from whom you’d expect…

According to The Hollywood Reporter the break out acting chops award goes to… Taylor Lautner!

That’s right. His Jacob Black character is coming of age in more ways than one. It seems that along with bigger pecs, bulging forearms, and a killer six pack comes a new confidence that positively jumps off the screen.

As THR’s Kirk Honeycutt puts it: “Stewart anchors everything with a finely tuned if not slightly underplayed performance that catches her character in moments of doubt about the course and the man she has chosen. Pattinson makes you forget the white makeup and weird eye contact lenses to concentrate on a person torn over his love for a woman and the sacrifice he knows she will have to make to stay with him.

But it’s Lautner who nearly steals the movie with his ripped muscles and steely acting. He definitely has the “it” factor Hollywood always looks for.”

Just in case you missed it see what THR is talking about with this extended trailer that shows off Taylor Lautner’s finely crafted intensity:


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