Taylor Lautner Relates to Jacob’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ Heartache

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Taylor Lautner, just one of the gorgeous hunks from Twilight fame, could probably have any girl he wanted, yet he maintains he can fully understand the heartache his character Jacob experiences in the upcoming film Breaking Dawn.

According to Hollywood Life, Lautner’s comparison between himself and his character may leave some fans wondering if the actor has had his heart broken painfully–even at the tender age of 19.

Self-described as being “emotional,” Taylor Lautner says he can easily relate to Jacob Black in the Twilight series films, including the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 1.

“I can relate to Jacob’s feelings in Breaking Dawn,” he says. “When he gets the invitation to the wedding, he doesn’t handle it very well. I don’t think I would either. If I were in love with a girl and she told me she was marrying somebody else, would crush me. That’s what it does. It destroys Jacob.”

It seems the only way Taylor Lautner would fully comprehend this kind of pain is to have experienced it himself. Was there a girl in his life who dumped him or cheated on him, and made it so he knows the kind of heartbreak that Jacob is experiencing?

Droves of young ladies would undoubtedly rush to Taylor Lautner’s side if they feared he were truly suffering. The handsome hunk has bared his taut and toned six-pack abs recently in several print and online publications, drawing interest from even older women as well!

So what do you think? Was Taylor Lautner’s heart irrevocably wounded by a girl from his past? Or is he simply wrought with insight and intuition–and able to transfer these feelings into his amazing characters?

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