Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift flirting again to stop gay rumors?

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Twilight movie actor Taylor Lautner made a special guest host appearance with other star celebs at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards but news he and Taylor Swift were flirting and might be getting back together was not able to top the sheer volume of press generated by the MTV Movie Awards gay kiss from Robert Pattinson that happened earlier in the year.

Even a shout out from his female ex was not enough to dispel gay rumors that continue to plague the public image of the actor. Ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift gave him a shout out on stage to remind people she used to date him, most likely as a friendly gesture to help stop gay rumors. To help him with his image, she even gave the metrosexual cutie-pie public hugs—starting new dating rumors swirling they may be getting back together.

One excited fan even tweeted, “Taylor Lautner went backstage with Taylor Swift last night. OH YEAH, TAYLOR SQUARED…” echoing the sentiment of many nsnage girls who still daydream about someday having a chance to date him.

Rumors swirled that Lautner might be gay after celebrity friend Robert Pattinson kissed him square on the mouth at the MTV Movie Awards earlier in the year. Due to the enormous amount of negative press the gay kiss generated for the Twilight movie franchise, Taylor Lautner made his very public appearance at the VMAs seem tame.

To protect his image, he seems to have been forced to appear without his “posse,” actress Kristen Stewart or pal Robert Pattinson [the man who always seems to keep him smiling, laughing, and animated]. Otherwise more gay rumors most likely would be stirring.

Taylor LautnerAt the time the gay kiss first happened at the earlier awards show, Pattinson said his pal Lautner would appreciate it more than him kissing actress Kristen Stewart in front of the cameras—a decision that to this day remains questionable from a publicity angle.

He and Swift were already broken up for undisclosed reasons, and there were reports that the whole Rpatz-KStew romance was staged to keep the teens’ true sexual identities concealed from the press (with even Stewart’s sexuality being questioned as she acts so disinterested in men in public that sources have speculated she might be a lesbian).

While Lautner might have known the kiss was coming and the cast of Twilight likely planned it to cause a media buzz, none expected negative backlash from it.

While Taylor Swift dating Taylor Lautner was cute to discuss when their romance was happening originally, the insider reports from Hollywood social circles seemed to indicate the love affair fizzled due to missing chemistry.

Is it true that Robert Pattinson lights the young star up brighter than a Christmas tree when they are together? Absolutely. But does that mean either of the two star celebs are gay?

In a perfect world the answer to that question should not really make a difference to anybody other than the people the celebrities are dating.

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