Taylor Lautner Tells Fans: Forget ‘Twilight’

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In a recent interview, Twilight heart-throb Taylor Lautner gave his loyal and loving fans some interesting and seemingly ironic advice. He told them to just forget about Twilight. That’s not a misprint. Now that the Twilight Saga has come to an end, he wants people to just forget about the famous vampire films and the part he played in them.

In a recent interview, Taylor Lautner explained that the only way he’ll ever be successful as a multifaceted actor is if he and his fans learn to “separate” the Twilight Saga‘s Jacob from his roles in other films. And not just him. He believes the same holds true for his famous co-stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as well. That’s because the roles they played on Twilight are unlike any others they have ever undertaken–before or since. In fact, Lautner believes Twilight is unlike any other movie ever made.

“You kind of just have to realize that Twilight is Twilight and it’s unlike anything else,” mused Taylor Lautner. “So forget about that for a second and if you can do that then you’re fine! Because we do what we love to do and do things we are passionate about and really hope that people enjoy them.”

Interestingly, all 3 Twilight stars now have upcoming films. Robert Pattinson has Cosmopolis and Bel Ami. For Kristen Stewart, it’s Snow White and the Huntsman. And Taylor Lautner will star in the upcoming Incarceron. So far, it looks like the fans they garnered from their Twilight Saga days will have no trouble separating them from their characters.

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