Taylor Lautner’s Sexy Blonde Easter Mystery Date Identified

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Taylor Lautner’s Easter Sunday mystery date has been identified. And here’s a hint. She’s someone he’s dated before. Many times before, both back in the day as well as recently.

On april 9, the “other” Twilight heart-throb was spotted with his a sexy blonde “mystery” date as they were sneaking out of Hollywood’s Cirque de Soleil where they’d just seen Iris. According to sources, the couple was “all smiles as they left, thanking a security guard on their way out of the show.” In fact, this wasn’t the first time, he’d brought his pretty blonde companion to Cirque de Soleil. TLaut obviously loves Le Cirque because he and his mystery blonde were photographed together back in January attending another Cirque show–OVO–in Santa Monica. But the 20-year-old Abduction star first dated his blonde companion long before that. In fact, his mystery date was his high school girlfriend, Sara Hicks. And it seems like the former teenage lovebirds are thinking of starting up again where they left off before the prom. Or not. They may just be another of those on again/off again couples.

What do you think?

Click here to see a pic of Taylor Lautner and his high school (and current?) girlfriend exiting Cirque Du Soleil. What do you think?

Note to TLaut: Get back to the gym. You’ve lost a lot of muscle since Breaking Dawn.

Just saying.

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