Taylor Momsen’s Dangling Tampon String Moment

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Taylor Momsen was once photographed with a tampon string hanging out…talk about embarrassing moments. This might not have been the kind of thing that happened on the ‘Gossip Girl’ set, but now with Momsen rocking out with her band, Pretty Reckless, on the road, embarrassing moments are bound to happen.

Taylor MomsenIn a recent interview Taylor Momsen went on to discuss a couple of moments that she might wish never happened:

I’ve f***ing puked on stage a couple times. It’s f***ing rock ‘n’ roll, what are ya gonna do?

What she could do is not get drunk before heading out for a show, which might cut down on the throwing up while on stage. No one says that Taylor has to live down to the rock ‘n’ roll stereotype. Then again, it could just be a case of the butterflies, though that seems highly doubtful.

The coup de grâce however is the tampon string story. Taylor Momsen admits to having been photographed with a “tampon string hanging out.” Yikes. There are just some things that girls just want to keep private. This is not the type of gossip that this former ‘Gossip Girl’ was hoping to start.

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