Taylor Swift: 10 Kids is Her Wish For The Future

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Taylor Swift would like to have 10 kids, but she doesn’t have a steady beau at the current time. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t thought about the future and what she wants in her personal life. She makes no secret of the fact that she would like to get married. Ok guys, Taylor is looking for a husband, not a one night stand!

Taylor told everyone during her “60 Minutes” interview that she doesn’t drink or smoke. Hopefully she’ll never start smoking. How many country music artists don’t drink? Bet she is in the minority on that one!

Taylor SwiftSo, when Taylor Swift does find that perfect husband and starts a family, how many kids does she want? This may be just talk, but she says that 10 kids would be a good number. To put it in her own words, “like 10 of them. So many kids — like an army of kids.” She’s young and doesn’t have a clue what it takes to raise one, yet alone 10 kids! If she gets her wish and winds up with all those kids, she better start saving money now if they plan to go to college!

Taylor Swift has big dreams, but why not, she’s still so young! According to a Taste of Country she made sure to say at least five times that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Was she throwing out hints? She better find that boyfriend so that they can get married and start working on those 10 kids.

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