Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Rumor Squashed, This One is ‘Absurd’

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Another rumor about Taylor Swift has made the rounds after the National Enquirer printed a report claiming the country singer is only dating Conor Kennedy to go after his 58-year-old father, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr..

The trusted online source, Gossip Cop, squashed those rumors after speaking with a Kennedy source who said the claims that RFK, Jr.’s girlfriend — Cheryl Hines — feels threatened that Taylor is trying to steal her man away is “absurd.”

A lot has been written about this new blossoming romance and no angle has been uncovered. Everything from Taylor wanting to be the next Jackie O. to having Conor’s baby right away has been thrown out there. There was another report by the Enquirer a while ago that Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver didn’t want Taylor near Conor because she was using him and it was too soon after the death of his mother, Mary Kennedy.

22-year-old Taylor Swift and 18-year-old Conor Kennedy have a lot of obstacles to work through, but so far the pair seem to be doing well. Conor is busy studying at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts and Taylor is keeping up with a demanding work schedule. There’s even a report out that she might perform for his classmates one evening this fall at the school.

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