Taylor Swift and Emma Stone will Probably Talk About Selena Gomez’ Split from Justin Bieber

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Taylor Swift is besties with Selena Gomez and Emma Stone, so who needs to date a guy when you have such an awesome group of gal pals to spend time with?

Taylor recently ended her romance with Conor Kennedy, and it sounds like the high school student’s immaturity might have something to do with why the couple broke up. According to E! Online, this is what she told Harper’s Bazaar about how some of her relationships end:

“If I feel too much like I’m wearing the pants, I start to feel uncomfortable and then we break up.”

She went on to say this:

“It’s wonderful to hand over the reins to your boyfriend when you control so much of these big, high-pressure decisions, you know? That is a huge defining factor in who you choose to be with.”

Since Conor Kennedy is still in high school, he’s probably used to older people controlling a lot of what goes on his life. So he probably didn’t take the reins much when he was dating Taylor Swift, and it’s possible that his reluctance to do so ended up being a turnoff to the country crooner.

Selena Gomez and Emma Stone probably know what went wrong with the relationship, and they didn’t have to decipher any secret codes in Swifty’s song lyrics to figure it out. Here’s what Taylor said about what she and her girlfriends gab about when they get together:

“We never talk about fashion, about career, about our ambitions or our projects. We just talk about relationships, feelings, love, and boys.”

So it’s very likely that Taylor and Emma already know why Selena and Justin Bieber decided to break up, and it’s great that the singer/actress has such an amazing support system.

It’s just a shame that they aren’t all single ladies who can go boy-hunting together – Emma is currently dating Andrew Garfield. However, this shouldn’t stop Taylor and Selena from looking for love together.

Perhaps the pals could make their quest for love easier by both pursuing members of Justin Bieber’s boy band rivals One Direction. Taylor has already been linked to Harry Styles, and Selena and Niall Horan would make a cute couple. But of course Niall would have to get over his Demi Lovato crush first. It’s also a shame that Emma’s pal Ryan Gosling isn’t single. Then again, Taylor and Selena might get in a fight over him.

So who would you like to see these famous friends date next?

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