Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow Spotted on a Date

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Has Taylor Swift finally found Mr. Right in Tim Tebow?

Swifty has dated fellow musicians like Joe Jonas and John Mayer, and she’s also found song inspiration in actors Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal. Unfortunately going after Hollywood guys hasn’t worked out for her too well, so perhaps it’s a good idea for her to work on snagging herself a sports star like the Kardashian sisters.

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, she’s going to be very disappointed if Tim and Taylor start seriously dating—there were rumors that Kim wanted to start a Bible study group to impress the very religious Denver Broncos quarterback. But no amount of scripture reading will ever erase Kim’s sex tape, and while Jesus may be forgiving, Tim Tebow fans would never forgive him for dating a famewhore.

Anyway, Taylor Swift might not be all that innocent and pure herself based on her dating history, but she certainly seems that way—she kind of looks like a friendly fairy or an elf that lives in an enchanted forest. She seems like an extremely sweet girl who doesn’t use sex to sell her music, and that’s a pretty hard trait to come by these days.

So since Taylor is one of Hollywood’s best-behaved beauties, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that she and Tebow were spotted looking flirty Friday night at WME’s pre-Oscars bash. Apparently they enjoyed each other’s company so much that they hooked up again for a dinner date on Monday.

According to Celebuzz, they ate at the Toscanova restaurant in Century City mall in LA. An eyewitness said that Taylor and Tim looked like they might have been there with their agents, so it’s possible that they’re just working on some kind of project together. Maybe Taylor wants Tim to come onstage during one of her shows, or perhaps they were discussing some kind of charitable project that they’re teaming up for. However, it’s a lot more fun to speculate that a romance is budding (sorry, Katy Perry!).

There are tons of successful athlete/celebrity couples, so maybe Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow will become the next Victoria and David Beckham or Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom (minus the sex swing, of course).

So what do you think—did cupid get it right with Swiftbow?

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