Taylor Swift Beer Chugger? Her Secret Drinking Habits Revealed?

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Is Taylor Swift’s halo beginning to show a bit of tarnish? Or a maybe a lot? A recent expose of demanding divas revealed that La Swift demands that her dressing room fridge be filled with four different brands of beer at all times. Yikes!

Someone close to the country music sweetheart definitely has some ‘splainin’ to do. It seems several of La Swift’s requirements for her daily comfort when she’s performing or touring were somehow leaked to none other than the National Enquirer. And the demands were shocking.

First of all, Tim Tebow’s one time dinner date is a caffeine and sugar freak. She requires that a “Starbucks latte be deliv­ered to her room by 11 a.m. along with a slice of pumpkin loaf.” That’s not so bad. But along with her instant energy fix, she demands that a “bar stocked with Corona, Newcastle Brown Ale, Bud Light and Miller Lite beer” be available in her dressing room. Oh yes, and she also wants some Red Bull. Probably to help her snap out of her stupor when she starts to nod off.

Taylor Swift had better watch it. She’s beginning to display some very non-angelic behavior. Earlier this week, she was publicly rebuked by a fellow diner at an L.A. restaurant because she and her BFF Selena Gomez were disturbing people with their loud gabbing and giggling. And now she’s revealed as a secret beer drinker. What’s next? Will she, like Miley Cyrus whom she’s criticized in the past, start hitting a Salvia bong? Will she start swearing? Or will she, heaven forbid, lose her virgini–? Oops. That’s probably already happened. Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Jake Gyllenhaal, you know.

Stay tuned.

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