Taylor Swift Dissed by Katy Perry?

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Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry feuding over John Mayer? Please say it isn’t so, ladies! The two pals have performed together on stage and share mutual friends, including Selena Gomez, but is Katy’s new relationship with John causing a rift? It is always a little awkward to date a friend’s ex, but when said friend has publicly dissed the guy, things can be a little weird.

Taylor’s new single is obviously about one of the guys in her past, but which one? She has already written one song about John, would she really give him another? Taylor’s “We Are Never Ever Going to Get Back Together” has people wondering which ex she is singing about, but has Katy Perry figured it out?

One of Katy’s pals, Shannon Woodward, posted a video of her doing a “cover” of Taylor’s song. Katy makes a cameo in the video, which is pretty darn funny. At the end of the video, the camera cuts to a lounging cat. After Shannon tweeted the video, Katy retweeted it and wrote, “I can’t believe you broke up with my cat.”

One Twitter user commented on the video and asks, “So is Katy dissing Taylor and does that mean the song really IS about her new f**k buddy? LOVE Shannon!!!”

What do you think? Are the ladies dissing Taylor Swift? Could it be their way of promoting the song and thus supporting Taylor?

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