Taylor Swift Dumped Again: Is She a Bad Girlfriend?

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Taylor Swift may be a very desirable artist for many, but it seems the men she dates don’t see her the same way. In fact, she has recently been dumped once again and this time it was by her Les Miserables co-star Eddie Redmayne. According to Hollywood Life, Swift and Redmayne were getting hot and heavy, but he pulled the plug on their romance when she didn’t get a part in a project he was working; he dumped her!

“Eddie’s not interesting in a long-distance relationship. The elements were against them. It’s a shame,” a source has shared about this new breakup. It seemed as if Eddie didn’t love her enough to even try to work things out. He will be filming in London and Taylor may be focusing on her work, but perhaps Eddie is more into the physical aspects of a relationship and not catching up on Skype at the end of the day.

The source explains that Taylor Swift really liked the idea of a British boyfriend and she had really developed deep feelings for him before he decided to call it quits. It seems almost unfair that he didn’t inform of his plans. He could have at least sat her down and told her what his plans were in terms of not doing a long distance relationship in case she didn’t get the part.

So, is Taylor a bad girlfriend? No, it just seems as if she picks the wrong guys! It seems she picks the ones that need a career boost and then they become famous for breaking her heart.

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