Taylor Swift Has Her Eye on Rupert Grint

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Taylor Swift has been linked to Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran since her split from Conor Kennedy. However, she might really have her eye on Rupert Grint.

So far most of Taylor’s guys have been brunettes—she’s dated John Mayer, Joe Jonas, and Jake Gyllenhaal. However, now she’s interested in mixing things up a bit by dating a redhead.

According to Contact Music, here’s what Taylor said about her love of ravishing redheads: ”I like people with red hair, I would do a ginger.”

Notice she said she would “do” a ginger (kinky!).

There were recent rumors that Ed and Taylor could be an item—he did get the title of her album, which just happens to be ‘Red,’ tattooed on his arm. Taylor and Ed would be quite the team since they’re both accomplished songwriters.

However, Taylor Swift might not want to pursue Ed Sheeran since he’s BFFs with Harry Styles. If both guys have a thing for T-Swift, she could come between them and ruin their friendship. So instead of talking about how much she loves Ed, she went on to say, “I like Rupert Grint, the guy from the Harry Potter films.”

Taylor and Rupert might actually make a cute couple, and dating a former Hogwarts student might inspire Taylor to write some amazing songs about magic.

If they do start dating, then Taylor’s next album could be titled ‘Red 2.’ But instead of being about a breakup, it would be full of love songs about her new ginger boyfriend.

It’s kind of shame that Taylor isn’t into Ed. Taylor’s pal Selena Gomez recently split from Justin Bieber, so Ed and Taylor could have played matchmaker for Selena and the single members of One Direction. It would be pretty crazy to see Ed and Taylor on a double date with Selena Gomez and Harry Styles. Or maybe Selena is more of a Niall Horan fan.

So do you think that Taylor’s next boyfriend will be a redhead?

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