Taylor Swift Is Infuriating Robert Kennedy Jr.

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Taylor Swift can’t stay away from boyfriend Conor Kennedy, which is really annoying his father Robert, who’s worried Conor’s grades are going to suffer as a result.

Robert does have a point. After all, Conor is not exactly Stephen Hawking to begin with. He’s 18 years old, and still only a junior at the prestigious Deerfield Academy in Western Massachusetts. Shouldn’t he have graduated already?

If Taylor keeps texting and calling Conor at prep school, he’ll never get into Yale or Harvard, like the other men in his family. Even with the esteemed Kennedy name, he already faces an uphill battle to gain admission into the Ivy League.

File:Taylor Swift, 2012.jpgAccording to sources, the Kennedys are all frustrated with the intense romance between Taylor Swift and Conor, and RFK Jr. is laying down the law with his boy. Do you believe Conor will heed his dad’s advice, or is he at the whim of his hormonal yearnings? Honestly, it’s going to be tough for any teenage boy to resist the seductive ways of an older woman like Taylor Swift.

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