Taylor Swift is ‘Wonderstruck’ on GMA

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This is one extremely busy girl, however, Taylor Swift took time out from her worldwide tour to sit down and have a chat with Robin Roberts this morning on Good Morning America. Before the interview, Taylor took time to out to talk to her fans, take photos with them and sign autographs. Some of those fans started lining up on the street hours before she arrived. They love her!

Dressed in a cute grey dress, Taylor told Robin how excited she is to have been named Billboard’s woman of the year recently. “For a whole year!”, she says. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter is the youngest artist to ever receive this award. She is also on the Forbes highest paid women list. Not bad for a girl who is known for her pretty straight forward lyrics about real life and her own personal relationships. Taylor is also very fan friendly and is always thanking them and acknowledging that they are the reason that she is so successful.

Robin went down memory lane with Taylor when she was 14 years old and did her first interview with GMA and then went on to play at the legendary Bluebird Café that night. Taylor reminded her that it was the night that ended with a record deal. And the rest is history, as they say. Taylor Swift’s excitement about all that is going on in her life up to that moment has become even more exciting as she chats about the launching of her new fragrance ‘Wonderstruck’ that is on the store shelves right now. She got the name from one of her songs Enchanted that has the line ‘I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home’. She says that she has dreamed of creating a fragrance since she was about 14. It took her a year to create it and the trinkets around her house were inspirations for the charms around the bottle. It gives that personal touch only Taylor could create.

Taylor was asked about how she feels about being a role model for young girls. She told Robin that her fans get her and that there is a trust with them. She explained how she is always thinking of ways to pay them back for all they do. Way to go, Taylor! This is just one of the reasons that this four time Grammy winner is such a huge name in both the country and pop music industry.

When asked a question by a young fan about how she chooses the song quotes that she has writes on her arm at every show of which she is known for, Taylor said that it’s like a mood ring. She bases it on her feelings that day or if she thinks of something clever that day. However she chooses them, her fans think it is cute and awesome that she does this. Taylor said that she is writing more than ever before. Maybe it’s because she is trying to understand feelings, life and love. Could there be more personal stuff coming soon from Taylor Swift? You can bet that she is jotting down her feelings and turning them into a song as we speak.

Have you bought ‘Wonderstruck’ yet?

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