Taylor Swift leaves ACMs empty handed

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Taylor Swift is the reigning pop princess.

Trouble with that is the word “pop.”

She’s one of country’s biggest crossover sensations. Her only problem is that she may have crossed too far over and appears to only be flirting with the country line. Which is fine. She had the top selling album last year. She’s doing alright.

But the space she dusted off for some awards from last night’s ACM awards. Well, those spots are still bare. She didn’t win a single trophy last night. Not even for fan favorite [[that went to American Idol-alum Carrie Underwood]]. It’s a bit of a shock since Taylor took home nearly every trophy imaginable last year.

There’s always next year.

ETA: Life seems okay for Taylor, even after this. She recently signed with CoverGirl [[click that link for the details]].

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