Taylor Swift Must Choose Between Fake Nude Pictures or Conversion to Islam

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While it seems highly unlikely that the wily writers at Celeb Jihad have wrapped their fingers around a real topless photo of country singer Taylor Swift, they have certainly handled “nude picture leak” with more than a pinch of humor, however distasteful that humor may be. The site, which seemingly specializes in pushing the extremes of vulgarity to the final limit before a “mature audiences only” disclaimer would be required, has now offered to comply with Taylor Swift’s request for photograph removal. However, a slight catch exists: Swift must convert to Islam.

International Business Times reported the site as stating the following:

We will remove the article if Taylor Swift simply agrees to convert to Islam. To convert to Islam, Taylor Swift must publicly renounce her Jew God Jesus, and accept Allah as her lord and master. She must then sacrifice a goat and devour its entrails. Pretty standard stuff really.

TaylorSwift4So far, the Swift camp hasn’t responded to this latest jesting gesture of goodwill on the part of Celeb Jihad. However, it is highly likely they will consider pursuing standard legal channels to deal with the potential copyright infringement in the hopes of avoiding a messy goat sacrifice. Since the standard “cease and desist” failed to motivate the site owners, a lawsuit may be in the future. Celeb Jihad may also end up complying after site traffic from curiosity seekers ebbs over the next several days.

The site basically acknowledges that the pictures are not Swift in the original posting by noting completely bizarre details in an attempt to build-up the credibility of the pictures. For example, the site references the strawberries on the young lady’s underwear as proof the photo is Swift because Taylor Swift has eaten strawberries. Since this isn’t exactly definitive evidence, it seems the site is more than aware that “no publicity is bad publicity” and hopes to laugh all the way to the bank if a lawsuit doesn’t swallow its existing capital whole in the coming weeks.

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