Taylor Swift Plans Concert at JFK Terminal, Inconveniencing Who-Knows-How-Many Air Travelers

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Taking time off from writing clumsy songs about other celebrities like Kanye West and John Mayer, Taylor Swift will help delay potentially thousands of air travelers with a concert next week inside the JetBlue terminal at JFK International Airport in New York.

According to the New York Times, Swift will play a five-song set for “30 or so” contest winners (apparently they’re not sure how many people will be considered “winners” of this thing), not to mention those JetBlue passengers who simply want to get through security and the crowd and get on their plane, if you don’t mind thank you very much.

The stunt is part of a promotional sweepstakes that will also include a chartered flight to Los Angeles with “another performance for fans at 30,000 feet.” The whole Swift campaign is, in turn, part of JetBlue’s “Live from T5″ (for “Terminal Five”) concert series, because what air travel’s been lacking all this time has been live concerts.

And lest any JetBlue passengers think they can simply avoid the Swiftian havoc by flying on some other day, be advised that the airline will promote her new album “for at least two months” on its in-flight entertainment network.

Still, you can avoid that by not putting JetBlue’s entertainment network on. Ah, but the airline’s already ahead of you: Swift will also be featured in a commercial that runs after takeoff. The commercial cannot be turned off.

Representatives for United, American, Delta, and all other airlines are probably bracing for a sudden spike in ticket requests.


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