Taylor Swift Really Has a Type? Her Boyfriends Are So Different!

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From music cutie Joe Jonas to movie hottie Taylor Lautner, womanizer John Mayer to A-list actor Jake Gyllenhaal (and the list goes on!), Taylor Swift doesn’t seem to discriminate when it comes to her dates—older, younger, bad boy, good guy; they are all in the motley mix. Now rumor has it that the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” songstress is getting back together with One Direction boy, Harry Styles, who she reportedly had a fling with this past summer. But does this new dating development mean that Swift has finally found her “type”?

File:Taylor Swift 2, 2011.jpgWith the ink barely dry on the stories about her romance and consequent breakup with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy, Swift, 22, could be embarking on yet another relationship with a younger man. Both she and Styles were reportedly flirting at The X Factor rehearsals recently. Styles is also a mere 18 years old, begging the question: Has Ms. Swift turned mini-cougar?

Entertainmentwise thinks so, opining that Taylor Swift has shown that she definitely has a “type” when it comes to men (or boys, really, in this case). Both Kennedy and Styles have those floppy mop tops of hair and are relatively tall (a good thing for the statuesque Swift), but the biggest common denominator is their youthfulness.

So is the “I Knew You Were Trouble” songstress really swapping her one-time affinity for older men (think Mayer and Gyllenhaal) for mere schoolboys? Or will they prove to be just as much trouble, too? It’s really too soon to tell. She has a lot more songs she probably wants to write about her past and future exes to come anyway!

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