Taylor Swift Song ‘Last Kiss’ Soothes Babies? (Video)

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The Taylor Swift song “Last Kiss” may actually help babies stop crying. This latest report on the country singer comes as she faces a lawsuit over nude topless photo and other fakes put online by a website.

A fake topless photo scandal aside, Swift is mostly in the news for good work. She’s a successful and inspiring singer, as her music has lifted many up from bad days or helped them reminisce about love. However, her songs also seem to have another effect. Swift’s song “Last Kiss” reportedly has helped one couple’s 4-month-old son named Wynn. The young boy has a heart condition and becoming over-exerted could actually turn his face blue. During one car trip, the couple was having trouble getting their child to stop crying and settle down. At the time, Ellen McBrayer, Wynn’s mother, was playing the new Taylor Swift “Speak Now” album in the car for her husband, a country music fan.

Miraculously, the song “Last Kiss” came on as Ellen was trying to get Wynn calmed down. As the ballad played, the child stopped crying. When the song was turned off, the crying started back up. The couple had found an interesting way to help soothe their baby, all thanks to a Taylor Swift song. Ellen said of the interesting phenomenon:

“There’s something about her voice. The song touches him. Any mother who has a child that is crying and finds something that soothes him, it’s a relief.”

In MSNBC’s article, Atlanta-based pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Shu says that music can affect infants by decreasing blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. It also is known to do the reverse based on the speed and rhythm of the song being played. Shu commented on the Taylor Swift song, saying “Who knows, maybe [Wynn] likes the sound of her [Swift’s] voice.”

Taylor Swift, being the gracious celebrity and performer she is, even invited the family to see a concert. According to the news report, Wynn was sleeping like a baby in a stadium crowded with cheering Swift fans. It seems Taylor Swift’s music works in great and mysterious ways for many different purposes!

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